So you’re interested in Notable? Sweet.

Notable is a quick way to give detailed design feedback on interface screens.


Capture Anything Anytime In Your Design Process

Notable is the most comprehensive application in giving and receiving feedback. You can upload sketch images, export mockups from Photoshop, grab a live site and so much more.


Browser Plugins

Grabbing a page behind a login? There's a plugin for that! Available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

URL Capture & Bookmarklet

Copy and paste a URL into Notable, or hit the bookmarklet and that page will be captured right away.

Bulk Image Upload

Have a few mockups in the works? Use the bulk image uploader to start getting feedback from teammates.

Mac Application

Take a screenshot on your Mac and have it sent directly to Notable quickly and easily.

Windows Application

On a Windows computer? Use our application to take a screenshot of your work that'll be sent straight to Notable.


Have a multi-page PDF? We've got you covered! Just upload the document and we'll extract each page for feedback.

PowerPoint Docs

We can parse slide decks, too! Just upload the PowerPoint doc and we'll create a post for each slide.

iOS App

Working on an iOS app? Use the Notable app to upload screenshots straight to your account.

No Software Required

With Notable, everything's web-based and stored in the cloud. That means you don't have to worry about being at your computer to give feedback. Log in from anywhere and give your feedback while you're on the go.

Adding notes is simple and visually accurate. Just draw a box around the area you want to comment on, type in your feedback and save. Repeat as many times as you'd like.

Notable is web-based so you can add notes from anywhere. You don't need any technical expertise and you don't have to install anything. Just log in to Notable from any computer to contribute your feedback.

Share Your Notes With Ease

Ask others for a response on your idea. It's super easy! Once you get feedback, it'll be easy to iterate and make your product better!

Iterate On Ideas & Get More Detailed Feedback

Ask others for a response on your idea. It's simple. With Notable, there's no guessing what people are talking about because it's right there on your screenshot!


You can create new versions of a post. All you have to do is hit "Add Version," upload an image or choose an existing post and then hit "Publish." Your team will be able to add notes to the new screen, and they can quickly go back and see what changes you've made with ease.

  • Capture a new screenshot or upload a mockup you're working on.

  • Gain insights about the design from the feedback your team provides.

  • Update your design, whether it's in Photoshop or code.

  • Add your new design to Notable as a new version to keep everything organized.

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Craig Agranoff

I won't explain how valuable a tool like this could be as anyone who is in the design/development business will no doubt see that right off, on their own.

Love it! Making life easier already! Notable has increased our design/dev team's productivity!!! Thanks for an awesome app! Love it! Making life easier already! Notable has increased our design/dev team's productivity!!! Thanks for an awesome app!

Darrell Keezer
Candy Box Marketing

Collaborate Easily with Your Entire Team

Store all of your posts in a central location and control who gets to see what. It's all possible in Notable.

Three Ways to Organize

You can be as controlled or loose as you'd like using any of our organization methods:


Single Posts

Single posts will appear on the main dashboard, which has every post you've captured or given feedback on.



You can group single posts into sets that can be linked to weekly bug sets, audits and iterations of an application



Workspaces let you privately collaborate with select people. Sample workspaces can be based on projects or clients.

Control Who Sees What Posts

Notable makes it easy to limit who sees your feedback until you give them permission.

You get to decide which users have access to which posts. They won't be able to see a post until you share it with them.


Start Giving Better Feedback Today!

We've got Notable plans start at $19/month with unlimited team members.